Parent Interaction

It becomes vitally important that on open line of communication and responsive relations is established between the parents and teachers who are attending such a conference. In order to do this , the parents and teachers need to stay in touch via informal conversation over a period of time. The school welcomes constructive suggestions and ideas from all parents to make their offspring’s development more meaningful and real.

Parents’ role and guidelines is required and expected at all times along with cooperation in matter relates to their child’s development into a progressive , balanced , morally strong and effective individual in and outside the school.

Please ensure that your ward brings the diary to school every day. You are requested to maintain close with the school through the diary and attend II orientation meeting / PTM / school functions.
Please ensure that your ward carries all belonging such as books/notebook according to the timetable of the day.

Encourages your ward to take a balanced interest in studies, co – curricular activities and sports. Whenever you have to send a written communication about your ward, always mention his/her name, class, section and class teacher’s name.

You are requested. For any information, emergency, contact the school Reception. You are requested not to send your child to school if he/she is not well Please do not allow your ward to bring gifts of any kind for distribution in the school. Only students of classes 1-4th are permitted to wear party clothes on their birthday, if they so desire. Your ward should not bring article like expensive watches, fountain pens, calculators, gold ornaments to school. The article will be confiscated and will only be returners at the end of the academic year.

You are requested to sign your wards report card after careful scrutiny and send it back through your ward within two days of receiving it.