Our Philosophy

Education transformer lives… At Unique Public School, the chief objective is to educate children by providing them with an environment

Which takes care of their aptitudes and interests. It gives them opportunities their natural abilities. Also it imparts a broad based education so as to enable them to become worthy and dynamic leaders who can make useful contribution to a changing and technology advancing world to develop the physical intellectual cultural & spiritual aspects of the child’s personality by providing them with experience and practical skill,

• To promote all sound development of the child.
• To Stimulate love for learning for a life time,
• To physical mental social and spiritual fitness.
• To include the competitiveness and desire to perform with excellence
• To provide world-class infrastructure and facilities
• To encourage team spirit and to nurture individual and group excellence
• To Faster human values that help the students face the challenges of life.

Holistic Education:

Curriculum: The goal of our curriculum is to provide opportunities for the continues development of knowledge, skills and attitude to certain values. Acting honorable under all circumstances, even when it is to the disadvantage of the self.