About the School

A Brief Profile – In this most modern period of time one should have equal opportunities in order to be endowed with a balanced development across a society. Each and every individual in this society should be provided on being healthy.

Unique Public School is playing a part & parcel role in society to fulfill the dream of learners who belong to countryside areas & still deprived with the access of education & knowledge

It was our dream that students hail from rural/semi urban area would become able to rub shoulder to shoulder in each aspect of life.

Fortunately , Unique Public School is progressing with leaps & bounds and due to hard work & determination of our experienced & trained staff one day our organization will become flagship institution to enhance the human academic welfare in today’s modern society.

At the school the students are educated in a safe & secure environment supported by the teachers who understand and accommodate their individual needs. The school is a family, full of love, understanding, respect and special emphasis on discipline and character building. Here, our ,main goal is to provide the opportunity for quality education to meet the varied intellectual cultural , physical , social and emotional needs of each child so that he/she may become an independent ,responsible and useful productive citizen .

The specially designed classrooms cater to deal with the individual student. Skilful teachers & staff member teach our 1students by stimulating education setting. This prepares our students for the changing reality that lies ahead. we strive to set a positive environment where the qualities like self respect and self – reliance are fostered .

Helping students to develop love for learning is our ultimate goal. We welcome you to come & join the team.
Our Aim future vision
 Unity in diversity.
 Provide opportunities for new & weak students.
 Introduced countryside’s learner with modern teaching techniques.
 Developing all traits of a child’s personality.
 Inculcating a sense of nationality.
 Academic excellence by offering wide range of syllabus .
 Physical fitness through various sports.
 Desire for integration of regional linguistic & ideological heterogeneity.